The RAI are working with many foodservice groups to lobby for a change in the Allergens legislation which came into effect on 13th of December 2014.

For the time being, should you have an inspection from an EHO, they will be looking to see that you are making an effort to implement the allergen information in your restaurant/café/gastro pub/hotel.

There are two options available in relation to implementing allergens on your menus;

1)    You can have a central folder which is at the main counter/cash point that contains the allergen details for each of your dishes. We have created an excel sheet template for you to insert your menu items in to. Download here.

You list your menu items down the left hand side column and then place a tick or x in the box where the allergen is contained.

You must have a sign/poster on display in the restaurant that is ‘clearly visible to customers’ to indicate that this allergen menu ‘central folder’ which contains the excel sheets is available. These posters have been sent to all  members of the Restaurants Association of Ireland. You can download each poster here; Allergen Poster and Customer Awareness Poster

With this option all of your current menus should have a notice on them to say that

“The food allergens used in the preparation of our food can be viewed in the separate menu available at the ­counter/cash register (insert here what is applicable to you). Please ask a member of staff if you need additional information on food allergens”

2)    The second option is to have the allergens listed on each of your menus. The easiest way to do this is to have a shorthand system as below.

“All 14 allergens are openly used throughout our kitchen. Trace amounts may be present at all stages of cooking”.

Gluten = G

Crustaceans = C

Eggs = E

Fish = F

Molluscs = M

Soybeans = S

Peanuts = P

Nuts = N

Milk = MK

Celery = CY

Mustard = MD

Sesame Seeds = SS

Sulphites = SP

Lupin = L

Under each menu item you would then have ‘Contains G – L – P’ or whatever the allergens may be in that particularly dish.

Either option is allowed by the FSAI.

Daily Specials;

Please note that if you have daily specials on a blackboard, the dishes listed on the blackboard must have the allergens listed on them.

Click here to read the information guide provided by the FSAI.

Please note that displaying allergen information applies to both your food menu and drinks menu! We would advise that you contact the FSAI helpline in relation to your wine offering. Tel: 1890 33 66 77