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Hospitality Wealth (Walfrid Private)

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Hospitalitywealth is one industry vertical that Walfrid Private has focussed on helping Patrons for several years.

Hospitalitywealth focuses on the Hospitality sector and aims to help business owners in the industry to reduce costs, reduce taxes and improve business and personal financial performance. This is achieved by looking at structures that can assist both Limited Companies and the Self Employed business owners of Restaurants, Hotels, Café, Bars and Public Houses.

Hospitalitywealth provides a Professional Financial Service to their clients by looking at, reviewing and recommending suitable structures for Irish Business Owners in terms of;

– Protection Structures
– Investment Products
– Pensions
– Succession Planning
– Exit Strategies
– Retirement Arrangements
– Wealth Development via lifetime living income through Special Purpose Vehicles (S.P.V.’s)

We help Irish Business Owners to be become more cost effective and tax efficient.

Our focus is on accelerating our clients F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence to Retire Early) by utilising asset-backed, cashflow generating structures emphasising tax control.

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