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Repak is a not-for-profit organisation helping both its members and the environment. Repak members are Irish businesses – including co-ops, supermarkets, hotels, manufacturers and packaging producers – with a turnover of more than €1million and who place more than 10 tonnes of packaging on the market. Each member contributes a fee based on a pay-as-you-produce basis i.e. the more packaging placed on the market by a producer, the higher the fee. These fees are used to fund the collection and recovery of packaging waste through registered recovery operators (the people who come and collect your recycling for sorting and separation) across Ireland.

Since Repak was established, packaging recycling in Ireland has grown from under 15% – to over 76% in 2016. Ireland is now one of the leading countries in the EU for packaging recycling. Ireland is up to 91% recycling and recovery on all waste packaging. To achieve this, Repak, with its 2,700 members, has assisted in providing a recycling bin outside 1.2m Irish households. Repak have also co-funded 1,848 Bottle Bank sites around the country in partnership with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment.

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