The Restaurants Association of Ireland Benevolent Fund was founded in March 1996 for the purpose of supporting people from the hospitality & catering industry who had fallen on hard times.The Benevolent Fund is for those currently or previously involved in the hospitality & catering industry in Ireland. Our aim is to help people from our industry that, through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand now. Charity No: 11485

What we do:

The Objectives of the Benevolent Fund are:

1. To respond to the needs of our applicants, and to react in a sympathetic manner where our assistance is required.

2. To work in conjunction with support and counseling organisations.

3. To encourage the Hospitality Industry to be a part of this work.

4. To raise sufficient funds.

5. To be accountable for all funds entrusted to the Benevolent Fund.

The Benevolent Fund comprises of twelve dedicated key figures who have worked within the restaurant industry in Ireland.

Adrian Cummins- CEO, RAI

John Howard- Le Coq Hardi

Aidan MacManus- King Sitric, Dublin

Julie Cox- Beaufield Mews, Dublin

Bart Glover- Kay’s Kitchen

Michelle Robson- Ely Wine Bar

Brian Sinclair- Old Schoolhouse Restaurant, Dublin

Niamh Boylan- Former restaurateur

Cathal Reynolds- Former restaurateur

Paul Cadden- Saba, Dublin

Tom Mythen- Former President RAI