Java Republic

Java Republic can provide premium coffee, organic tea and luxurious hot chocolate for your restaurant. The demand for a high-quality coffee has grown exponentially in recent years. Consumers now expect you to raise the bar and if you serve them a poor quality hot beverage you will lose out on additional revenue and possibly repeat business. You work so hard to perfect your food offering, creating the perfect ambiance in the restaurant and in training your staff to the highest of standards, why let it all down by serving a cup of coffee or tea that is not top quality.


“Java Republic are the perfect partners in the ever-demanding restaurant sector” – Oliver Dunne


Why do our partners choose us? We actively monitor consumption patterns and trends in the industry. This means that at the drop of a hat we can change our offerings to coincide with what consumers want. We also hunt down innovations and share them with our partners, meaning that you can offer your restaurant customers new options to keep them coming back for more.

We make sure to work with you closely. We will talk to you and collaborate to create an offering that suits you in a unique way. Whether it is pairing your chosen coffee blends with different choices on your menu, or whether it is supporting you with unique Point-of-Sale and branding material, we want this to work for you so we have got you covered.

To find out more get in touch on +353 (0)1 880 9300

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