Lifting of Good Friday Ban is a Great Day for Ireland and Irish Tourism


The Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) is hailing the lifting of the Good Friday Ban as a great day for Ireland and Irish tourism.


Over the previous number of days, the RAI has received reports of a huge level of pre-bookings for Good Friday and restaurants are happily catering for tourists that would like to have an alcoholic drink with their meal. The RAI has worked tirelessly towards this outcome in recent years and the day, which would normally see restaurants unable to sell alcohol, is worth €50 million to the hospitality sector.


In addition to benefitting Irish business owners, the lifting of the ban is a major plus for a significant number of hospitality staff who would normally not have the opportunity to work on Good Friday and now have that option available to them. The lifting of the ban brings Ireland in line with all other European destinations that don’t prohibit the selling of alcohol on Good Friday, including the Vatican where you can get a glass of wine with a meal,


Commenting on the lifting of the ban recently, Adrian Cummins, Chief Executive of the RAI stated: “This is long overdue and will be a huge boost for Irish tourism in 2018 and bring Ireland in line with our EU colleagues and competitors.”


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