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Dear Member,

As we are sure you are all aware, two earthquakes have devastated Nepal, killing over 5,000 people and over 8.1million people have lost their homes and businesses and urgently need humanitarian and food assistance.

As such, Concern’s Worldwide Emergency Response team have been working with the Nepalese Community in Ireland, some of which are our fellow restaurant colleagues to see how we can all work together to raise funds for the people of Nepal.

How can you help?

Add €1 to the bill

For whatever dates in May you can support, we are asking restaurants to participate in asking customers to add €1 to their Bill to help Concern’s emergency response efforts in Nepal. You can do this each night or pick what nights you do it, this is entirely up to you. All support will be greatly appreciated.

REGISTER – when you register you will be listed on the RAI website/social media and Concern social media as a participant. We’ll also be issuing a release to the press on this initiative and sending you table cards for your restaurant.

To register simply send an email to (or call 01-6779901) with the details of your establishment:

  • Restaurant Name
  • Managers Name
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Facebook/Twitter

You can also send the details by fax on 01 – 6718414

OPERATION – you will need to set up an PLU number to your till calling it ‘CONCERN RAI NEPAL EARTHQUAKE APPEAL’ and this will appear at the bottom of the bill after VAT and service charges have been applied. Whilst the charge is added automatically, it is a voluntary donation and can be simply removed from the bill if the customer so requests

AWARENESS – by having staff informed, customers can be aware of the campaign and not get blind-sighted when they receive their bill. Also by having a brief explanation on your menu, occasional posts on social media about being involved in the ‘CONCERN RAI NEPAL EARTHQUAKE APPEAL’ will generate awareness that your restaurant is participating in this great campaign.

RECORDS – using your electronic till, it is easy to keep record of the total Nepal Earthquake Appeal donations received each day, week or month, depending on your accounting practice. For simplicity of administration, we would ask you to forward the money raised in one payment, at the end of the month, by cheque to Concern Worldwide, making sure you reference ‘CONCERN RAI NEPAL EARTHQUAKE APPEAL.’  Please call Clare Ahern in Concern on 01-4791312 for alternative payment options.

What will the money gotowards?

The focus of Concern’s response will be in four of the worst affected districts in Nepal.  These are some of the most remote areas where the damage is very severe and where aid has been slow to reach. In the early stages of the response we will aim to distribute shelter and hygiene supplies to 10,000 households at an approximate costs of €50 per household.

€50 for a Household kit (Fleece blanket, sleeping mat, kitchen set, jerry can, plastic sheets and tarpaulin) with a hygiene kit (washing powder, toilet rolls, soaps, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, razors, hygenic towels, hand towels).


Alternatively, if you would just like to donate you can do so on Concern’s website

We would like to thank you for your time

Restaurants Association of Ireland Team

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