Next Government Needs to be Pro Jobs, Pro Tourism and Pro Small Businesses

The Restaurants Association of Ireland Launches 2016 General Election Manifesto

Next Government Needs to be Pro Jobs, Pro Tourism and Pro Small Businesses

“The Restaurant Vote”

The Restaurants Association of Ireland, today, launches its 2016 General Election Manifesto.  The Manifesto which outlines key concerns to the restaurant industry calls on all political parties to commit to supporting investment in the Irish tourism and restaurant industry over the next 5 years.

The Restaurant sector currently employs 72,000 people (1 in 4 tourism jobs) and contributes €2 billion to the Irish economy each year.  The Restaurant sector encompasses a large number of owner operated SMEs, but is also a crucial supporter of small businesses, local agriculture and food producers throughout the country.

Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Adrian Cummins criticised “the lack of action in regards to critical regulations, crippling regulations and reductions of regulatory burdens and commercial rates for restaurants and small businesses. The next government needs to be pro jobs, pro tourism and pro small businesses in every part, county and region of Ireland. Recovery needs to be felt in every small business and community in Ireland.”

The RAI’s Manifesto wishes to highlight that the decisions of the next government will play a key role in creating the environment that will allow our industry to grow and prosper. The RAI’s Manifesto outlines the key priorities to be addressed by the new government, including;

  • Retention of VAT at 9%
  • Reduction of Commercial Rates for businesses and implementation of reform of Local Authorities.
  • Reduction in the Cost of doing business and reform of regulation and regulatory bodies
  • Addressing the Skills Shortage and Hospitality Training is a matter of urgency. “Re-establish CERT, the National Hospitality Training Agency”.
  • Freezing of National Minimum Wage until 2021 in the interest of competitiveness and growth.
  • Reduction in Employers PRSI
  • Reduction in Excise Duty over the life-time of the next Government.
  • Commitment to non-introduction of Calories on Menus for “Stand Alone Restaurants”
  • Designating 2017 as the Year of Food and Drink
  • Development of action plan for rural tourism

Mr. Cummins continued, “Recovery, whilst thriving in Dublin and tourism hotspots, still has yet to reach some parts of the country. In order for our industry to continue providing jobs and servicing the domestic and tourism market there are certain challenges which must be addressed by the incoming government. We have highlighted and clearly outlined these challenges in our manifesto. They must be addressed as a matter of importance.”

The Restaurants Association of Ireland is calling on all candidates to ensure that the restaurant industry, and the key issues outlined remain at the forefront of any New Government programme.

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