RAI Benevolent Fund – New Application Form

The Restaurants Association of Ireland Benevolent Fund was founded in March 1996 for the purpose of supporting people from the hospitality & catering industry who had fallen on hard times. The Benevolent Fund is for those currently or previously involved in the hospitality & catering industry in Ireland. Our aim is to help people from our industry that, through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand now.

The Benevolent Fund comprises of twelve dedicated key figures who have worked within the hospitality industry in Ireland.

The main aim is to raise the awareness of the Restaurants Association of Ireland Benevolent Fund in the Republic of Ireland. The aim is also to raise essential funds for the charity by organising fundraising activities. All applications to the board are strictly confidential.

Eligiblity Criteria

The Restaurants Association of Ireland Benevolent Fund is the trade charity for the restaurant and hospitality industry in Ireland. We aim to help to people who have found themselves in a position of needing financial assistance.

If you or any of your employees would like to apply to the Benevolent Fund, please download the application form HERE and sent it to Claire by email:


Or post it to us at:

11 Bridge Court


St. Augustine Street

Dublin 8

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