RAI Statement – Budget 2022

Restaurants Association of Ireland describe Budget 2022 as disastrous for Hospitality & Tourism

Increase of VAT rate to 13.5% next September a blow for Tourism Recovery

A still restricted Restaurant and Hospitality Sector faces a cold winder with tapering of wage supports & no recovery package

The Restaurants Association of Ireland described today’s Budget as a disastrous, no ambition to stimulate and revitalise the tourism industry as 9% VAT rate set to end in August 2022. Whilst wage supports remain in place for the still restricted restaurant, hospitality, and tourism sector, they will taper off in the new year. CEO Adrian Cummins has warned that the hospitality industry faces a challenging five years to restore levels of business to that of pre-Covid.

Adrian Cummins, Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland said, “This budget is a disaster for our members, restaurants, cafes and gastropubs, a vital element of our Tourism offering. The VAT rate ending, and wage supports tapering off will be the death nail in the coffin of many hospitality businesses this winter.”

“Although the supports offered in today’s budget are welcomed, there are still some long hard months ahead. Since lockdown measures and restrictions have been put in place, our industry has complied with the rules. Public safety and the safety of workers have always been at the top of our agenda. But this has meant serious financial difficulties for many. We needed the Government to help us fight for survival, today’s announcements fall short of that, and we will need ongoing support to trade out of this.”

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