Representing, Assisting and Informing the Restaurant and Hospitality industry since 1970

Established in 1970 by a group of independent restaurateurs, the Restaurants Association of Ireland was founded with the aim of representing restaurants, a vital section of small business in Ireland and a significant element of Ireland’s tourism offering. To this day the Association continues to Represent, Assist and Inform; restaurant, café, gastropub and hotel restaurant members at a local and national level.

We continuously lobby for change in regulations, legislation, education and training to help the industry to grow and prosper. We ensure the voices of our 3,000 members are heard and represented. Through membership of HOTREC, the umbrella Association of Hotels, Restaurants, Pubs and Cafes in European, the Restaurants Association of Ireland also ensures members and the entire hospitality sector of Ireland is represented at a European level.


COVID-19 Supports

The shutdown of the Irish Restaurant and Hospitality sector in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic was a move welcomed by the Restaurants Association of Ireland as necessary public health measure. It cannot be denied however that the closure and the nature of this pandemic has had a significant impact on the restaurant and hospitality sector, a vital element of Ireland’s tourism offering.

The Sector was hit hardest and will take the longest to recover. We have made submission to government for financial supports since the crisis began, including: extension of wage supports and inclusion of all business types (new and seasonal) supports on insurance claims, commercial leases, VAT reductions for the entire sector, and a specific grant aid package for Tourism & Hospitality.

“A Plan to Stabilise and Rebuild the Irish Restaurant Sector”

“Reopening & Sustaining the Restaurant Sector Post COVID 19”

“RAI Submission to Special Committee on COVID 19 Response”

Recent Submissions / Consultations

As the recognised representative body for Restaurants and hospitality in Ireland the Association is often invited to make submissions to government consultations for proposed changes in the law. We also contribute to yearly consultations such as the; Work Permits Consultation and Low Pay Commission Consultation. We regularly draft reports and recommendations and submit to government on issues concerning the sector.

“Low Pay Commission – 2020”

“Work Permits Submission – 2020”

Recent PreBudget

Every year the Restaurants Association of Ireland presents a PreBudget Submission to all members of the Oireachtas and the Department of Finance. This report contains topical asks each year regarding; the cost of doing business, regulatory burdens, reductions in VAT and Excise, increased financial support for training, upskilling and regional tourism development.

Our branch meetings throughout the year and the daily feedback we receive from members is reflected in this document which is presented to all TDs and Ministers at our lobby day, held each year in October and attended by our National Council.

“PreBudget Submission 2021”

“PreBudget Submission 2020”

“PreBudget Submission 2019”

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