Media Coverage – February 2024

Media Coverage – February 2024

‘It feels I’m working for nothing’: Cafe owner calls on Government to help struggling businesses

It is a sentiment shared by Adrian Cummins, chief executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, and someone who pushed hard for the Vat rate to be left at 9%. “We need an immediate reaction on Vat. We need it to be split out from the accommodation sector,” he says.

Two Restaurants A Day Close Down

Adrian Cummins, who is head of the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) told the Mail: “Two restaurants are closing every day in the State. This is not sustainable for our industry. It is in a very vulnerable financial place in terms of the future of our position.’ He said that the 9% VAT rate is the “only show in town” in terms of helping the industry, adding: “All of these closures can be attributed to government policy and especially the increase in the VAT rate.”

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