Media Coverage – July 2023

Media Coverage – July 2023

The cost of eating out likely to get more expensive as hospitality VAT rate set to increase

Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association of Ireland, Adrian Cummins, says the current tax level is appropriate:

“We’re very concerned about this in terms of the liability of many of these businesses throughout Ireland. We’re saying to the government now is not the right time to increase the VAT rate.”

He continued, “The 9% VAT rate is the right rate when you compare it to the rest of the European Union. It’ll put us into the second highest VAT rate across Europe after Denmark if it goes to 13.5%.”

Pleas From Restaurants And Salons To Keep VAT Rate At 9%

Adrian Cummins, CEO of the RAI, said that if the VAT rate were to be increased to 13.5%, that would mean that Ireland will have the second-highest rate in the European Union.

Tackling insurance fraud and other factors driving up the price of premiums in Ireland

Virgin Media One – The Tonight Show – Discussion about VAT rate for businesses – Part 2

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