Media Coverage – March 2024

Media Coverage – March 2024

‘Restaurants Association Of Ireland Joins SaveJobs Campaign’

The Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) has announced it has joined the SaveJobs campaign. The association said the campaign was formed in reaction to a ‘lack of government appreciation for the pivotal role played by local, independent businesses in towns and villages across the country.’

‘Hospitality body reiterates call for Vat cut, but not for all’

The RAI has ramped up efforts to try and secure a return to the 9% Vat rate introduced during the pandemic, but for food-led businesses only as Finance Minister Michael McGrath has previously confirmed that he would revisit the issue after it was returned to 13.5% last year.

‘More than 70 food businesses closed in February – Restaurants Association of Ireland’

Some 71 restaurants, cafés and food-led businesses closed down last month alone amid rising costs, according to the Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI). An average of between 20 and 22 jobs were lost with each closure, Adam Hallissey, public affairs executive at the RAI, told attendees at the launch of a new report.

‘The harsh reality of being a restaurateur in Ireland’

With a closure rate of over one per day, restaurants, cafés and other food-led hospitality businesses are in crisis in Ireland.

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