Media Coverage – November 2022

Price of a pint of Heineken to increase due to ‘exceptional’ inflationary pressure – The Irish Examiner

“Heineken Ireland is set to increase the price of its kegs to the equivalent of 17c per pint due to ‘exceptional inflationary challenges’.”

New law to ensure staff get paid tips comes into effect from Thursday – The Irish Times 

“From December 1st, employers must display their tipping and service charge policy and staff will have a right to a share of tips paid electronically.” 

‘There’s only so much you can charge for soup’ – the restaurateurs closing their doors – The Irish Times 

“With restaurants working on “a tight margin” and while some increased costs led to price rises for customers options were limited, he said, especially during the day, as people will only pay so much for a soup or a sandwich.” 

Campaign for service charges to be shared fairly reaches a tipping point – The Irish Times 

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