Restaurants Association of Ireland call on Government to allow all Hospitality & Tourism Businesses reopen on Phase 3 – 29th June

CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland says all Hospitality & Tourism Sectors should be treated equally and allowed reopen on the 29th June under strict Public Health Guidelines

The Restaurants Association of Ireland has called on the Government to speed up the reopening of the Tourism & Hospitality Sector by allowing all Hospitality & Tourism businesses reopen on June 29th. This will have a major impact on the Irish Economy which will allow 200,000 staff return to work during the short tourism season in Ireland

Adrian Cummins CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland said today – all hospitality & tourism businesses should be allowed to open on June 29th provided they can adhere to Public Health Advice.

Our Association which has Cafes, Restaurants, Hotels and Pubs as members believe each business should have the choice to reopen on the 29th June under strict Public Health Guidelines.

By merging phases, it will avoid a stampede to the courts for Restaurant Certificate applications (an alcohol licence that enables restaurants to serve wine and beer with meals) by certain businesses trying to move phases and avoid legal costs for struggling businesses.

Guidelines are prepared for all sectors of the Tourism & Hospitality and the Restaurants Association of Ireland believe the Government should now merge all Hospitality & Tourism Phases

Reduce social distancing to one metre

The Restaurants Association of Ireland also is calling on the Government to reduce social distancing to one metre for restaurants and eateries ahead of reopening on the 29th June.

A social distance of one metre is recommended by the World Health Organisation, a distance much easier for restaurants to implement when they reopen as opposed to the current two-metre social distance. 

Adrian Cummins, CEO of the Restaurants Association of Ireland said:

“We are asking the Government to take on board what the World Health Organisation is telling us and reduce the mandatory social distance from two metres to one metre.

I have been speaking to many of our members over the past few weeks, and what’s coming back to me is that the two-metre distance is just not a workable restriction for most restaurants.

For smaller businesses and many local establishments, to create a two-metre distance between customers could mean that their capacity for customers drops to less than half of their usual. This could see some restaurants not reopening, as they won’t make enough money from customers to cover the expense of reopening.

The Restaurants Association of Ireland’s top priority from the start has always been public safety, and our members have all obeyed the lockdown restrictions and shut their doors. But now the Government needs to listen to us, and work with us on this.

The WHO says that 1-metre is a safe distance. This can be more easily implemented by businesses, and will ensure public safety, while also safe-guarding Irish businesses and livelihoods.”

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