Salmonella Information Guide

Salmonella Information Guide


Cater Care is very mindful that all food handlers practise in the safest possible manner be it in your own domestic environment or indeed for commercial purposes.

The provision of safe food and the protection of customers and family is of utmost importance among food operators and here follows some information to assist you along those lines.


Among the threats to this safe provision of food is Salmonella which can cause Food Poisoning.

The bacteria is unforgiving and can effect anyone but it may be more threatening in the immunity deprived sector (pregnant women, elderly folk, children and persons with an already underlying illness).

This is quite a dangerous bacteria as the food that it features in may present as perfectly safe (there may not be any unusual taste or smell and the appearance may be perfect).

This bacteria can be found in the gut of farm animals and can have a detrimental effect to foods such as poultry, eggs, meat and milk. Shellfish that originate from water that may have become contaminated by sewage can also cause Salmonella as can fruit and vegetables that may have had contaminated manure spread on them.

If you notice any of the symptoms associated with the illness or suspect you may have it, contact your Doctor for advice. You may present with vomiting, fever, stomach cramps and diarrhoea which could lead to dehydration.

Make Sure To:

Practise effective personal hygiene in your operation. Glove changing and hand washing as outlined here should occur:

  • After handling raw meat
  • After handling raw eggs
  • After using toilet facilities
  • After taking a smoking break
  • After addressing bins etc.

Eliminate the prospects of Cross Contamination (keep raw food stored below cooked food in a fridge etc. ideally keep both separate)

BBQ Issues:

Being BBQ aware at this time of year is crucial.

Very often the high temperature of a BBQ can char the food on the outside whilst leaving the core/inside undercooked, this can give rise to an environment where Salmonella will grow and multiply. It is advisable to pre-cook poultry products (chicken pieces) in the oven first and then transfer to the BBQ for final flavouring or charring.


Cater Care would be delighted to welcome food handlers on training. This will create awareness of the various food poisoning bacteria that exist; including Salmonella, the types of foods/environments these bacteria thrive in and indeed all control measures required to eliminate these bacteria from your kitchen, be it in a domestic or commercial setting.

For more comprehensive information please feel free to contact Cater Care on 061 469008.

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