Update – Legal Challenge for Indoor Dining Equality

The Restaurants Association of Ireland and members of the Association have applied to the High Court seeking leave to challenge distinctions made between indoor dining in non-hotel commercial restaurants and indoor dining within hotels. The challenge relates to recent regulations signed by the Minister of Health and claims the distinction drawn should be quashed on the basis of irrationality, lack of proportionality and unjustifiable interference with restauranteur’s property and economic rights.

These regulations are required to be challenged in order to ensure the continued viability of our Members’ livelihoods and in order to ensure that these unjustifiable distinctions do not continue.

The Restaurants Association of Ireland was founded in 1970 by restauranteurs to represent the restaurant industry and to assist and inform its members, with current members including; restaurants, hotel restaurants, cafes and gastropubs. The Association continues with that aim to represent the needs of all members today.

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