RAI & Campion Insurance Risk Management Guide

Managing Slips and Trips within your Restaurant


Slips and trips are one of the most common causes of claims within the hospitality sector.  These can range to include both employees and customers.  There are many easy to implement processes that you can introduce before an incident, at the time of an incident and after an incident has occurred.  This will not only minimise incidents occurring but will help you take steps towards proactively managing your insurance costs.


What can be done before an incident to reduce the chance of an incident occurring?

  • Implement clear cleaning procedures that are fully understood by all members of staff for cleaning any spillages during opening times. This should include scheduled toilet checks.
  • All stairways and landings should be clear and have fitted handrails.
  • Where you have singular steps that may be missed, these should be identified with both eye level signage and floor tape.
  • All CCTV should be retained for 60 days.
  • Daily Activity should include:
    • Use of wet floor signs
    • Clear spills immediately
    • Consistent use of a toilet cleaning checklist – we have attached one of these for your convenience.
    • Schedule all major cleaning during closed hours.

What should be done at the time of an incident?

  • Have a staff checklist/notice in place for staff to refer to – we have attached one that you can easily print and use.
  • Treat all customers with sympathy and arrange medical attention as required.
  • Do not admit liability for any incidents
  • Note details on an incident log (this should include witnesses, time and location, circumstances of the incident and action taken.)
  • Advise your insurance broker/ insurer
  • Take photos of the scene
  • CCTV records should be retained

What processes should be implemented after an accident?

  • Work to identify the cause of the incident – were all procedures followed? Is there anything that can be introduced to minimise the risk of a similar incident?
  • How did your staff react to your checklist? Where the pre and post incident procedures followed? Is any additional training required to address these issues?
  • Strive to minimise costs:
    • Do not admit liability
    • Keep your insurance broker or insurer informed of any updates.
    • All third party correspondence including solicitors letters should be forwarded unanswered to your broker or insurer immediately

By following the procedures outlined above, you will be able to not only reduce the likelihood of a claim occurring but also help minimise the cost.  These actions will make your restaurant a better risk when reviewing your insurance.

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