President’s Report July

Dear Member,

I hope the season is in full swing for everyone, and let’s hope the good weather we had last week is not the end of our summer weather.

Unfortunately, the chef storage crisis is not going away.

The question I know a lot of people ask is “why would someone want to be a chef?”

Training to be a fully qualified chef can take up to 5 years, but once you get there so many opportunities are opened up to you – you can get a job anywhere in the world (but please come back!) You will have a career that allows you to express your personality and creativity. There are more chefs opening restaurants in Ireland than ever before. Not to mention that after 46 years in business I believe over 20 marriages have started in our restaurant, food for thought!

There have been many changes in Leinster house in the last month and I hope the new personnel give our industry the respect it deserves. While it is great that tourism numbers are up, the government needs to realise that we need serious investment in hospitality training, not just with chefs but across the board. We need to keep VAT at 9% to make sure we are price competitive with our Eurozone partners. We need the government to take the rising cost of insurance seriously if not visitors could be faced with the sight of closed restaurants, it is that serious.

In my last report I mentioned the great work of the RAI team for the restaurants awards which was headed up by Katie Norris. After 4 years with the RAI, Katie is moving to pastures new. In my short time working with her, Katie carried out her work in a professional manner and always with a smile on her face. Katie is everything you would want and ask for in an employee. I know I speak from all my fellow council members and the many members who Katie dealt with in wishing her the best in the future. I also hope that the Irish rugby manager come to their senses and brings her back on to the team!

Wishing you all a good summer season and I hope you get to take a breather during it all.


Liam Edwards

President, RAI


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